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Our main goals are always in line with our top quality and safety measures.

Diverse range of vehicles in various fields including Aviation, Machinery and Marine


Quality Products


Reliable Suppliers


Quality assurance

When there are hundreds of competitors in the rough markets as like MENA, CIS, Western Europe and South-East Asia, the only success story could be written with quality, loyal relationships with the customers and suppliers and of course long-term strategy.

We – a group professionals in the field of special vehicles for various fields decided to start a new journey a few years ago. Through tough challenges in meeting of customers needs, we improved our quality and approach to the work we are doing

We love what we do. We work with customers and suppliers all over the world including MENA, CIS and Western Europe Regions.

Recently, autonomous vehicles are becoming a trend in emerging markets. We are planning to be part of this great journey as well.

Why choose us

We always provide high-quality products.

Wide Range of Products
Only high-quality supply
Timely Delivery
Value-Deal Prices
Long-term relationship
Loyal approach
Dedicated Team
Constant apply of Know-How
Always Reachable

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